Eating with Mediterranean Elixir

A real pleasure for our senses

It can be used raw or cooked

  • Fried egg

    Have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of a Fried Egg with Mediterranean Elixir?

  • Grilled vegetables

    Have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of Grilled vegetables on the basis of Mediterranean Elixir?

  • Toast

    A tasty and simple Toast with Mediterranean Elixir and Salt. Or Mediterranean Elixir, garlic and salt. Also, Mediterranean Elixir, tomato and York ham.

  • Chips

    Learn how to make delicious, healthier and lighter chips.

  • Fried Fish

    We give you some advice to fry fish in olive oil.

  • Salad

    Discover this delicious organic tomato, burrata and mezclum recipe, ideal to complete with Mediterranean Elixir olive oil.