Eating with Mediterranean Elixir is a real pleasure to your senses, use it to improve the taste of your dishes.

Olive oil is considered by many in the health field as a youth elixir.

Renewable energy is produced and approximately 214,506 kg of CO2 per year is stopped of being emitted into the atmosphere.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Improve your quality of life and the taste of your meals.

Mediterranean elixir is a supreme quality extra virgin olive oil and an ideal product for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of eating, those who love a good meal, or those who are socially aware of their health and youth, and those around them.

Mediterranean Elixir, is a product born to the excellence of Mediterranean cuisine in the world, committed to the environment and society in general.

Olive oil’s studies have proved that:

  • The taste of the meals.
  • There are evident benefits for the health: ageing is delayed, longevity increases and cholesterol is reduced.
  • It is effective to regulate high blood pressure, it also benefits heart diseases’ treatments.

Eating with Mediterranean Elixir,
a real pleasure for our senses.